Ombudsman ignores the 7-Eleven double hours scam – again!

UNITE, the fighting union for fast food and retail workers in Victoria, was appalled to read the “7-Eleven Stores Audit Campaign: Final Report” released today by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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This audit was conducted after UNITE waged a long campaign against the super-exploitation of international students in 7-Eleven stores. The main complaint UNITE has made is that there is a far reaching scam being orchestrated by 7-Eleven franchisees whereby they pay employees for only half the hours they work.

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Article: “More staff claim underpayment”

by Andrew Mathieson
20th May 2010

A COURT case involving former Moorabool Street convenience store operators allegedly owing hundreds of hours in unpaid wages has been adjourned to include more workers in the hearing.

But Unite, the fast food and retail union, claims the six former 7-Eleven employees who will front Melbourne Magistrates’ Court later in the year to recoup their losses are about half the workers with underpayment complaints against the operators.

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7-Eleven campaign: Interview on 3CR

UNITE General Secretary Anthony Main was recently interviewed on 3CR’s Stick Together about the campaign to claim unpaid wages for 7-Eleven workers.

Listen to the interview here:

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The former operators of an infamous 7-Eleven store in Geelong will face the Melbourne Magistrates Court this Wednesday May 19th at 9.30am.

UNITE members and supporters will protest against the underpayment of 7-Eleven workers outside the Court from 9am.

7-Eleven and its franchisee Eddie Chan are responsible for stealing more than $100,000 from a group of young workers in Geelong!


Ombudsman to prosecute former 7-Eleven operators

Authorities trying to hide the full story of exploitation of international students

UNITE has been made aware today that the Fair Work Ombudsman is set to prosecute the former operators of two 7-Eleven stores in Victoria.

While this news is welcomed, UNITE remains frustrated that the Ombudsman is only scratching the surface of this case. UNITE first brought the issues of severe underpayment at these stores to the attention of the Ombudsman in January 2009. After 12 months and many protests outside these stores, only now is the case being taken to court.

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7-Eleven award a sick joke!

7-Eleven have recently won the “Established Franchisor of the Year” award at the MYOB Excellence in Franchising Awards ceremony hosted by the Franchise Council of Australia. UNITE is calling on 7-Eleven to hand it back!

7-Eleven franchisees have recently been forced to back pay 168 workers more than $162,000. At the same time the Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a Victorian state wide audit into the company’s employment practices because of widespread underpayment. UNITE estimates that hundreds of 7-Eleven workers across the country have been seriously underpaid for many years.

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7-Eleven workers losing in numbers game: union

The following article appeared in this week’s Melbourne Times:

By Genevieve Gannon

Fair Work is investigating 7-Eleven franchises in Victoria over claims of exploitation. The union for fast food and retail workers, UNITE, said international students, particularly Indians, had become common targets.

UNITE secretary Anthony Main said some 7-Eleven workers were being paid half what they were entitled to.

A year-long campaign has uncovered proven cases of exploitation, and 88 7-Eleven workers in Melbourne’s CBD shared in more than $100,000 in unpaid wages.

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The campaign for decent wages and conditions for 7-Eleven workers